6 comments on “A Misty Blah-ness – b&w or color?

  1. Katy Taylor says:

    i like both. sorry you’re having a hard time! i’ve had a hard mood today, too…metta for us all to help us remember the deeper ttruth.

  2. thanks katy. this misty blahness is just following me around this week. i think i need to be okay with what is.

  3. katy, was your mood misty too? you wrote “hard.” sharp corners, dead ends? metta to you my dear friend!

  4. Lady Amalthea says:

    Color! Your color pallette is muted, which makes it a little edgy. But also optimistically hints that mabye the misty blahness will lift.

  5. redmitten says:

    color. the contrast, the juxtaposition (so to speak) nails it.

    where did i read this the other day- to be rich in sorrow. (oh- an interview with williams, the mother of heath ledger’s daughter). (google …i think it was in the esquire issue). so for jan and feb, these months only, i’ve decided to embrace the richness of my blah. see what happens….

  6. color it shall be. thank you red and lady

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