My Little Chef Oven

My Little Chef Oven, from the olden days when a little girl could really hurt herself.  With electric burners, no lightbulb heaters.  And butter and bandaids to soothe.  Yes, we were given toys that were dangerous, and we were given a cure that made the burns worse.  But we survived, and the burns did heal, and we eventually outgrew the toys.

Got it, boys?


9 comments on “My Little Chef Oven

  1. kpchicken says:

    This was clearly invented before someone thought of the word “actionable”.

  2. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    Brilliantly said! Love the photos.

  3. redmitten says:

    mine was pink and came with no power.

    love what you said about the burn.

  4. pink and powerles? sad. tsk tsk.

  5. says:

    I also have a Little Chef oven and it is from 1947and still works. My Dad would always “cook” with me on Sundays and we would make fudge and little cakes. Some of my best memories.

    As for not being “rated” – it was before the government told you what to do and your parents did have the brains to be there when you “cooked”

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