Old Maid (Note peculiar resemblance to Jan.19 self-portrait)

As copied from the cover to a vintage deck: MCM 50′S BUILT-RITE OLD MAID SHAPED CARD GAME

Note the shape of the cards, “to fit small hands.”

When I was young, we actually played Old Maid. The object of the game was to pass the Old Maid card quickly to the next player so as not to get stuck holding her. Whoever had the Old Maid card in her hand at the end of the game WAS the Old Maid – the loser.  Nobody wanted to be an Old Maid.

An Old Maid was also sometimes called a “spinster.”  According to  Florence Falk, “lurking in the spinster’s background was the suggestion of some grand, unconsummated passion — the love which might have been, whose plaintive ‘if only’ helps explain why she became associated with two singular attributes: shame and sacrifice.”

Note: An Old Maid is an unmarried woman of middle age or older.

Note: In the “olden days” I would’ve been called an Old Maid (despite, I assume, two previous marriages)(there might be technicalities here, which might be explored in the future).

To give it a new-age positive spin, I’m an awesomely cool middle-aged single chick.

9 comments on “Old Maid (Note peculiar resemblance to Jan.19 self-portrait)

  1. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    Oh, yeah! Me, too! I don’t think of myself as being an Old Maid nor a spinster. I like to use the words “a free spirit living with toilet seats always down.”

  2. a free spirit living with toilet seats always down – love it!

  3. Old Maid…NEVER married. I’m afraid we don’t qualify…at least for the second half. xoxo

  4. redmitten says:

    i used to snap back at my brothers and my father- why is there no name for an unmarried man? oh wait- a bachelor. i mean, look at the messages we were sent when we were even that little. sheesh!

    mary, love this site!


  5. sherry, i know, right?!
    and – thx

  6. We had those exact cards when I was a little girl! I LOVED their shape.
    I’ve been wondering why an older single woman has to be looked down upon.

  7. I remember this game! Man, we always forget the silly things we loved or played in our childhood. By the way, I like your blog, the art with the poetry, I like quips and things, but also, I like the random information, keep adding those things in, like the objects swallowed by the patient and such, well, if you want of course!

    • thank you so much….sometimes i wish i wasn’t so eclectic and quirky, as you have noticed in my blog, but we just have to be the way we have to be, don’t we? very very nice to be appreciated.

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