8 comments on “Just me on the page . . .

  1. Katy Taylor says:

    just you is enough for me!

  2. Aaron the Ogre says:

    28.9%: that’s it??? Boy, do I have you beat.

  3. Katy Taylor says:

    that’s why i don’t have a scale! i don’t want to be measured and evaluated like that, thank you very much!

  4. i am hopeful that my scale can be my friend.

  5. Katy Taylor says:

    too many bad memories for me–numbers are too powerfully full of sadness and judgment…i hope you can do it, though!

  6. had my first art therepy class today…funny as i drew my portrait, i thought of ure blog. when i get my pics back at end ill post em on blog. xx keep drawing

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