7 comments on “Heartbreaking Swiftness

  1. Aaron the Ogre says:

    I really like the line “of writing a poem, a Love.” I like the idea of writing a Love, where Love is a person a formal noun. Very nice.

    • thanks ogre man. i do that kind of playing with words things in my poetry. i originally thought this blog would be just about the single life, but i find myself pulling more and more poetry into it. i hope to use more of my own in forthcoming blogs. i find that the poems that don’t quite make it on their own are enhanced by the cartooning.

    • a nice take on it, thank you.

  2. Littleskew says:

    These are sweet words; I agree with ‘aaron the ogre’ above

    The picture is delightful

  3. Katy Taylor says:

    beautiful! “holding roses full of fresh” gathers me in, too!

  4. you all make me smile – !

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