8 comments on “in line for boarding

  1. Peb says:

    You my dear – inspire me. Everyday…

    I am impressed and congratulate you…keep it up !

    Enjoy every single one, this baby is just too baby…….

  2. Littleskew says:

    what a glorious post 🙂

  3. Katy Taylor says:

    find you? i’ll make sure to! love taking in your posts!

  4. redmitten says:

    yes! i loved this the first time i read this way back- so true about a baby letting you go with her eyes. i so admired your ability to capture that simply with a few words- something that is so grand and wise.

  5. thx sherry. i’ve actually revised this greatly, a snip here a clip there, it goes round and round my brain and heart. i miss the old gaz. what do you think happened? it was so active and alive for a really long time. sad. i miss that.

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