7 comments on “Shavasana, face down

  1. i got the feeling right on this one, but it’s just messed up on proportion much more than usual and not even in a cute way. i have half a mind to delete this post, but oh well, i’ll just leave it. sorry, world

  2. I like your drawings and your poetry very much. My daughter is an artist and I tell her that there is something in her work that speaks to me, but that I don’t have a way of expressing those things the way she does. I like it that you can express yourself in your art.

    Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. I truly appreciate your insight.

    • hi! whoa, i seem to have missed this comment. thank you! i think you are very expressive – and you are welcome, regarding my reading and comments. you can do it!!!!

  3. Katy Taylor says:

    surrendering to one word…which one?

  4. i wrestled with that ending for months.
    i surrendered to the word “shavasanah” and just allowed gravity to help me relax into the floor.
    so, my meaning is that i want love to be that simple, a surrender that simple and basic and safe.
    i experimented with “surrendering to one feeling” or just “surrendering” — i finally ended up with “one word.”
    i like how it is a bit mysterious, readers can bring their own thoughts to it.
    oxox to you katy!

  5. Katy Taylor says:

    i actually like the ambiguity, too–gravity, shavasana, love…they can all become the same thing. thanks for sharing how you were thinking about it!

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