the pain of music

Every instrument gives pain.

The violinist’s neck – left, left.

The oboe player’s lips buzzing.

The cellist’s back hunched over

glossy carved wood.

We play to give away

one holy moment

from inside the music.

Sore fingertips play lake songs

on a cigarbox ukulele.

– poem and illustration by Mary MacGowan

5 comments on “the pain of music

  1. katytaylor says:

    we play (or sing) to give away one holy moment–love this, mary. i feel this when i sing–for me it is to be in touch with that holy moment, to channel it through my human form into the world.

  2. redmitten says:

    i think as music comes through us, it comes to us as well. this is so lovely, mm!

  3. yes, to both of you wonderful friends, yes!

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