current events


Current Events

A man riled up at the gym
about the congresswoman’s
shooting. He says
It’s those hippies
with their goddam body
piercings and long hair
that’s the problem.
Somebody should shoot ’em,
wouldn’t bother me one bit. He
focuses on me
from his sweaty treadmill.
My pony-tailed gray hair.

The dreaded subject
at Charles A. Lindbergh.
My eyes blurred at each
I floated
’til it went away.

Photo is a self portrait taken on a frozen lake during a snow storm. it is not photoshopped or edited in any way.

6 comments on “current events

  1. Peb says:

    Do you even know how to photoshop? tee hee hee
    I really like this one, your practice and commitment to everyday is commendable!

    Thank you for sharing – always !

  2. This is very well do, but I have a Diana Mini. You can find them online

  3. redmitten says:

    i was reading an article the other day about scientists wiring people’s brains to study the effect on said brains when said people were introduced to metaphors. and guess what,yes- certain sections of their brains lit up when they were given metaphors to read. these leaps, these connect-this-dot-to-that-far-dot are thrilling. as is the poem and the photo in this post. everything you do, mm, is about the leap.

    let me know when you are back. miss you.

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