6 comments on “Orange and Sad

  1. Katy Taylor says:

    orange, color of vitatlity and passion, existing side by side with sadness. can we hold and allow them both? i ask myself that a lot these days, too. seems like it’s easier to only be with one or the other…

  2. Mary Breckman says:

    wow, katy, you got it entirely. all of these emotions. in our guest house, right? invite them all in…

  3. Mary MacGowan says:

    (testing my name here)

  4. redmitten says:

    “in our guest house”….

    you amaze me. by now, it should be par mary, but really this understanding (and visual display) soars. yes all at once. the whole 360.

  5. redmittengirl, i love you seeing me soar.
    just checking…. you do know that it was rumi who wrote about a guest house, right? only credit where it is due.
    this post was quite a while ago, whoa, i worked hours on it. maybe i’ve gotten lazy? hmm…

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