I always hated King of the Hill –

always felt tense in my gut when King,

sad when not,

and ostracized if I didn’t want to play.

That pattern has followed me through life.

But now, as a tired adult,

when I feel alone and powerless

atop whatever hill I’ve managed to climb,

I secretly long for anyone to join me.

Now, I’m ready to believe there’s more power



– Mark Nepo, Book of Awakening

Please climb on up the hill to join Bailey and me. We can all be Kings and Queens of the Hill together. Okay? Don’t worry. We’ll all fit, we’ll make it work.

5 comments on “Hill

  1. Aaron the Ogre says:

    This is quite a powerful collage.

  2. katytaylor says:

    and we’ll all lick each other’s faces, be kind to one another, and enjoy each other!

    mary, i collage in different ways, too–sometimes i know the theme and let the images draw me, sometimes i know the images i want and search for them, but even then, that could change as other images attract me, and other times, i don’t have a clue what needs expression and just start…it’s a wonderful process any way we do it!

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