Mary’s Rule #2

Rule #2: Whenever possible, take a bath instead of a shower.  

You can gather your clothes and calendar and cell phone while the water is running.   You get to sit down, and how great is that?   You can have fun posing in amusing ways to rinse body parts.  

(Mary’s Rule #1 was already posted: Listen to the end of the song.)

7 comments on “Mary’s Rule #2

  1. erikchristian says:

    A bath is the only way to go! It’s so relaxing. Nothing like a shower, it’s a whole new experience! Good writing.

  2. yes!
    and thank you.

  3. katytaylor says:

    as long as there is time and it’s not the sumer when i’m too hot for a bath! it is much more relaxing, that’s for sure. nice painting, too, Mary! i LOVE bubbles!

  4. hi katy!
    the bubbles are real bubbles. there i was, struggling to paint bubbles, when i realized, hey, i’ll just stir up some soap and put the bubbles on the page. it made me so happy, almost as happy as taking baths.

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