too much august not enough snow

You want cheese on that flyer? I tagged along with my daughter to the 1960’s. The Southsider is an old fast-food drive-in situated alongside the railroad tracks on the far side of town. When we need comfort, my daughter knows, slipping back in time is a known cure. The burger joint never advertises and so only those who venture across the tracks know what it means to fly anything. You want a flying burger with pickle and onion? A ham and cheese with mustard? The fry cook slips your ingredients between two slices of bread, pops the sandwich into a circular grill and voila! you have a sealed flying saucer served to you in a basket with home-cut fries. $2.50.

Not knowing if I am the beekeeper or the bee.

The night before Jupiter and Venus kept company with a slivered moon for a short while after sunset…

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  1. if you haven’t read “too much august not enough snow” you must. redmitten’s sense of the poetic, her photography, her honest take on her world – i always sigh happily when she posts another blog. watch her. look out. things happen with redmitten around.

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