7 comments on “It’s a song, you know (Plucky Umbrella)

  1. Bridget, artist says:

    I have heard you sing this song before – somewhere sometime on my internet journey! Can’t exactly recall – perhaps a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend posted it on facebook? Anyway, it’s a delightful song that lifts the heart – thanks for videotaping yourself sing….you should sing some more and post your songs – too fun!

    • funny, because i haven’t placed that recording much of anywhere – but thank you! i love that song but i don’t get much feedback on it. i find that i get less likes or comments when i post songs, and i think it’s because scrolling through posts prefer a quick read or a quick look at some great or quirky art. that’s my take on it anyway.

    • p.s. i think you were my only like on that post – see what i mean?

  2. Bridget, artist says:

    Hmmm….I wonder if we have a common friend. Cuz I KNOW i saw you singing somewhere else on the internet. Singing about an umbrella is something I would not forget. :-)) I’m going to post your song on my facebook page and see if any of my friends know you.

    • i see you are from malibu. do you have friends in the movie/tv business? or have you ever been in it? you look familiar to me, too, actually!

      • Bridget, artist says:

        I have one friend in the tv biz who does commercials – but that’s it – although I do see movie stars out and about in our community now and then. And no, I am not in the biz myself. I love to paint, and I also practice a meditation – for lack of a better word.

      • well, then, that is not our connection! the only place i’ve ever put plucky umbrella is, i think, on reverbnation. if there is another umbrella songwriter, i’d sure like to know who it is!

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