Listening To A Meditation Talk While In The Bathtub

Beauty in the Decay Series #6

rinsing my hair
i dunk underwater;
water fills my ears
just as the speaker says
“And buddha said…”
i might hit rewind
to hear what i missed
but i like the holes in the philosophy

Attentive to the intersection of nature with human-built things; how nature will have its way.

– photo by mary macgowan

8 comments on “Listening To A Meditation Talk While In The Bathtub

  1. i’ve driven past this little scene hundreds of times but never noticed it; it’s just slightly off-road.
    these beautiful decaying pieces seem to be leaping out at me this week.

  2. katytaylor says:

    love this and the poem. any significance in the subject matter, you thinik?

    • well, i wrote the poem a few weeks ago – after much gazing at the photo i saw many “holes.” also, i believe there was a “hole” in that person’s idea of a cute driveway ornament. is that what you mean?

  3. katytaylor says:

    didn’t mean anything in particular, just interested in the poem/photo and in the overall theme you are exploring!

    • katy, you know, at first i thought it was simple. i thought i simply liked the way nature “wins” over human-made objects. and i truly think the decay looks beautiful. but it seems to be taking on a life of its own…. not sure what. anyway, I thought you were asking me what the connection was between the poem and the photograph… ! i find i’m looking at the landscape so much more closely now – and yesterday found an amazing photo in a driveway quite near my house, i just had never noticed it. so overall, perhaps this theme is turning into “look closely at everything” – ?

  4. redmitten says:

    holes can be portals. a good thing.

  5. I’m glad you stopped to take the photo.

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