Jingleheimer Schmidt

Jingleheimer Schmidt


Victrola, you old thing.
Slim windows swing open
to turn up your volume.
I find your secret drawer of 78s
and put one on: an opera moans
a whale, an ancient elephant. Well,
nobody told me that my ass

could fall out, or that my breast
implants might quit.
A doctor says They’re like cars –
sometimes you need to buy
a newer model. O Victrola

let’s sit in a dark corner.
I’ll open your elegant windows
and sing loud
accompanied by my shiny brass
farts. I’ll turn you on:
Crankity plunk plunk,
crankity plunk.

– poem by mary macgowan, recently published in DASH.
and a bow to ray sharp whose exellence reminded me that i can post, simply, a poem.

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