Enough Like Love Or Just Enough









She’d been
too much
no one could take

Snugged up,
buzzing wings quiet,
quiet. Circling eyes



desired at last.

– poem and painting by mary macgowan; painting is acrylic and gold messed up with twigs

7 comments on “Enough Like Love Or Just Enough

  1. katytaylor says:

    🙂 thank you!

  2. Ross says:

    i really like the colors and balance between what I see as foreground (colors) and background (white). How dangerous it is to interpret art! She is swaddled in these colors, in her soo comfy chair, circling eyes. Desired at last.

    I have recently met this girl. She is a high school student I have had the pleasure of conversation with, and she shared a couple of her drawings. Too much – no one can take her. yet. Look past the decay, young lady!

    • such a difficult feeling, that one is too much for others! so interesting, the way you have brought decay into other blogs, yes, that is a good theme. my internal vision was of a fly caught in a web finally quieted and loved but only briefly and only right before death. i felt terrifically sad writing it, but i like what i wrote, so i posted it. difficult feelings make good poems if one doesn’t make it overwrought. thank you for visiting!

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