Night Flowers

A Land With No S

Some people write in complete planets.
Characters. S-free.
If she lived there
would she still lisp?

S is a whisper sliced open
insistent from the throat.

Tongue, teeth, lips:
all untouched,
an empty river rushing.

Teachers give it
for Satisfactory.

As if
it doesn’t break our hearts
every time we say S
and know it can’t be.

Tongue. Teeth. Lips.
All untouched,
empty rivers rushing.

4 comments on “Night Flowers

  1. katytaylor says:

    mary, your poetry is stunning! the simplicity, the whimsy, and the depth all combine in such a pleasing way! thank you.

  2. Ray Sharp says:

    Mary, this is very creative, touching, beautiful, so full of humanity.

  3. Ray. wow, thank you, your comment means so much to me!

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