Broken House

Broken House

She considers quilting.
Ripped cloth  / / /

zippers exposed, a blank     /   /   blanket
one slice of  /  /  /  orange
in a  /  /  /  / mold.
/ Almost wrong.

It must have something  /  /  /  song.

The Beauty in the Decay Series
is attentive to the intersection of nature with human-built things;
how nature will have its way.
The captivating presence of the process.

– poem and photo by mary macgowan

3 comments on “Broken House

  1. Broken Light: A Photography Collective says:

    Beautiful. Maybe we can run this one? Be in touch.

  2. I love this house! I am so in to the old. I love taking pics of old barns. Awsome!

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