The Movement of Planets

Dad tried to explain,
giving me a grapefruit,
Mom an apple and he was
the flashlight sun. I
was never going to get it.

Sun bright
on my revolving moon.
Black-eyed crows
and Susans still banging

from a blue sky.
Grape jelly
in a hollow half orange,
bird watchers below.
An apple planet
bobs above.

– poem and photo (at Chicago’s O’Hare) by mary macgowan

5 comments on “The Movement of Planets

  1. i have this feeling i’ve already blogged this poem. if so, sorry. and oh well…

  2. redmitten says:

    this is new to me. love it. love the way it assumes i’ll understand, the way i’ve been taken in, tucked beneath the wing, looking at apple and flashlight, wondering about the orange and the salt shaker.

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