Morning Glory

Oh go ahead, click on “play,” you know you want to . . . and it’s worth it just to hear the legendary Jerry Friedman play his heartbreakingly beautiful lead guitar. This might have been his last studio gig. His playing made me cry . . .

Yes, this is me, and one of the songs, Morning Glory, from my CD, Morning Glory.
Not to brag, but I love this song, I just do.

19 comments on “Morning Glory

  1. oh my what a wonderful way to wake to the day. Love this song, love the whole CD!! Great guitar, fab production. What a time that was!!

  2. katytaylor says:

    such a sweet song, mary! and i love this picture of you, too. i agree, great song to start the day with. thank you!

  3. redmitten says:

    never fails, when i listen to your cd, things change (for good) around me. like like this photo of you!

  4. What a lovely song! And I love the photo of you. Very cool.

  5. muddlavoie says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL song! I’m so happy I *discovered* you in the comments on Nicole Cody’s blog. This place is filled with lovely food for the ears, eyes, and soul — pleased to meet you… I’ll be visiting often. Have a Happy Day 🙂

  6. muddlavoie says:

    Me again…

    Are you on Facebook? Because I shared this post on my wall and people are LOVING it. And another thing: your “about” page is really cool. All in all, you rock.

  7. muddlavoie says:

    Doobee doobee doo.

  8. muddlavoie says:

    (i wouldn’t DARE to steal anything from you)

  9. slpmartin says:

    Well, heard your song this evening…but it was a good one to slow the pace of my day…thanks.

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