Grey Eyes

“Tavern,” poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay, adapted to music and sung by Mary MacGowan

I’ll keep a little tavern
Below the high hill’s crest,
Wherein all grey-eyed people
May set them down and rest.

There shall be plates a-plenty,
And mugs to melt the chill
Of all the grey-eyed people
Who happen up the hill.

There sound will sleep the traveller,
And dream his journey’s end,
But I will rouse at midnight
The falling fire to tend.

Aye, ’tis a curious fancy—
But all the good I know
Was taught me out of two grey eyes
A long time ago.

3 comments on “Grey Eyes

  1. katytaylor says:

    sweet poem and lovely voice!

  2. Outstanding! You have a beautiful voice and I love the poem you chose.

    • katy and fime, thank you so much. i especially appreciate it because i spent many hours recording this in different ways, and finally chose the one that seemed to give the most emotionally and showed the most vulnerability. ♡

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