Hello Plucky Umbrella

Hello Plucky Umbrella Blog, I’ve missed you.  I’ve been busy doing other things lately.  I’m sorry.  I’ll be back soon.  To amuse you while I’m gone, here is a clown guy my daughter Rachel made in art class many, many years ago.  Clown guy hangs on my living room wall and sees all.

The hole in his head. Well. What can I say except that I love him even more because of it?  Rachel’s art teacher insisted upon the hole. The hole was meant for hanging, and his pants were meant for holding keys. Then I went and framed him.  Ruined the whole concept.  [Couldn’t help myself.  He’s too sweet to hang there all by himself, unprotected.]  [See framed fellow below.]

Bye for now Plucky Umbrella. I won’t be gone much longer.
Love, Mary

2 comments on “Hello Plucky Umbrella

  1. muddlavoie says:

    What a cute clown… LOVE it.

    Crazy teacher, though, sheeesh… hole in the head… WHAT was she THINKING?!!! But good for you for framing Mister Clown. And to make him feel better, let’s just say he is VERY enlightened = his third eye is wide opened 🙂

    Don’t be gone too long, now, ya hear?


  2. love it, his third eye! ahhh, that’s why i like having him around!

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