Even Umbrellas Can Get Political

Wake Me When It’s Over – a political poem from the last election

Things bump along fine
without me. Early presidential
candidates mocked, Colbert
shows I can’t watch because
I don’t know truth from comedy
that’s how far from the hula hoop
I’ve wriggled. Volcanoes, draughts,
firestorms, the miseries of war.
A hurricane promoted to excite
the masses, gas prices, negotiations.
Photos of a female candidate
filters through on FB. The
tip of a long corn dog in her mouth.
We can’t be nice to those we love
so don’t bother watching wars.
The world sucks its own dick.

– poem and pastel painting by mary macgowan

6 comments on “Even Umbrellas Can Get Political

  1. Bravo! It starts off kind of mellow and apathetic, intensifies quickly and slaps you in the face at the end. Cool way to show what’s behind the apathy. Love the art too!

  2. exactly the kind of comment i was hoping to get! thank you. my only concern is that some – probably quite a few – won’t read it to the end.

  3. muddlavoie says:

    LOVE the punch line… 😉
    AND the art — too cool!

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