The Best Most Wonderful Story Ever!

How to make a personal book for your much-loved newborn granddaughter…THIS POST WAS JUST TOO LONG, SO I DITCHED A LOT OF THE PHOTOS…

Items to gather or buy:

A board book to completely cover each page and make it your own
Strong-quality wrapping paper in decorative colors and designs that match your passion for the subject of your book
several greetings cards to cut up into decorative pieces
personal photos printed out on plain paper (glues better than photo paper)
a simple story line, told like a fairy tale

Tips: Allow yourself to be messy, let each page be slightly flawed, just have fun and be filled with love!


Include several pages of photos of loved ones…..and then on the back, paste on a “made by…”

And, this is very important: Don’t be afraid to make a mess…

The End!

10 comments on “The Best Most Wonderful Story Ever!

  1. What a wonderful thing to do for her! Lucy is beautiful and the book is so lovely and clever.

  2. redmitten says:

    and speaking of lucy! we are having some fun making a similar mess!!! šŸ™‚ your book is gorgeous, btw!

  3. shannarozell says:

    Love this little book…someday Lucy will really love this!

  4. Patricia Horn says:

    A beautiful piece of you to share with Lucy.

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