Regarding bad days…

Recently I had a God experience. My God moment, which would be impossible to describe, was powerful and uplifting.

After, I was exhausted.

I found several examples from the bible (don’t even know if I should capitalize “bible,” that’s how non-religious I am) of people who were exhausted after God experiences. So…..sometimes I have a bad day and I’m exhausted and feel like I’ve been wrestling an alligator naked. And I’m wondering if that kind of day is actually God rattling my cage to get me to notice?

Is having a “bad day” really a “hard God work day?”

My hand is hesitating over the “publish” button. God’s name tends to make people go nuts about religions and belief systems and wars. To me, God is simply an infusion that is always there (inside all of us) if we take the time to notice.

Guess I’ll go ahead and publish. I can always delete it later.

Oh, and I think that God moments get blurry afterwards, like an Impressionist painting; I doubt anyone can paint a clear picture of it, or describe it with words.

And I wasn’t drinking or anything like that.

12 comments on “Regarding bad days…

  1. I’m not going to go nuts but I just don’t even know what you mean..and since you can’t describe it I will remain clueless. Sounds cool though despite the exhaustion afterwards šŸ™‚

  2. Katy Taylor says:

    very enticing. want to more about the experience!

  3. Katy Taylor says:

    uh-oh–that is, want to KNOW more…

  4. Mary, Iā€™m glad you pushed the publish button. šŸ˜€

  5. Katy Taylor says:

    yes, everything is part of a god moment, i would say, but we are not always acting out of our highest god-selves…i’m reminded of how the Buddha guides us about Right Speech, something like: is it truthful? does it promote harmony and wellbeing? does it ease tensions? is it useful/right timing?

    • buddhism is a lovely system of thought and conscious being. and no we do not always act out of our highest god-selves! i wonder if god experiences are supposed to have the qualities of right speech? i would describe my experience as having all of those right speech qualities, actually. but i do think that feeling these things in a deep way can be a kind of hard work and, by the end, you can feel exhausted. like, when i work on a poem it is really hard work – but simultaneously uplifting, ya know?

      • Katy Taylor says:

        yes, totally! the deep concentration and listening–we are not accustomed to it! but well worth it. probably god experiences aren’t “supposed to be” any one way, but how we choose to communicate about them could be guided by such principles? which may be why you aren’t saying more, i realize!

      • hey katy! yes, with something this important and, well, with everything (because everything is important, compassionate and care-full communication is so important! oxox

    • everything is part of a god moment.
      that is profound.
      seems that guidelines such as Right Speech help us act out of our highest god-selves more and more often. we would hope. wish.

  6. redmitten says:

    glad you pushed the p button. “infusion” is it. and yes, it exhausts and yet replenishes. restores. reroutes. re everything.

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