Pulling Up Mint

The mint has to go. It’s appeared in poems and songs. . .but now it has become an invasive species. As Rob and I dug and pulled these stubborn far-reaching plants with their spindly strong vine-root systems, I said my good-byes and thank-you’s. But I want my sandy beach back. Something about mint and sand and water; a perfect storm of sorts.  Still, we enjoyed the physical labor and the rewards of a job well done.  So much better than a gym.  Working hard at a job that needs doing.

Speaking of storms, how are all of you who live in Hurricane Sandy’s path doing?

2 comments on “Pulling Up Mint

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    I planted mint to use for cooking this past summer. My garden is small, so now you have me worried that it’ll soon take over. But, then again…I don’t belong to a gym, so keeping it from invading can be a future workout.

    • Hey, I’ll post photos of it. I suspect that mint growing by a body of water is more tenacious and crazed, so you hopefully won’t have to worry about it! Thanks for stopping by Plucky Umbrella!

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