10 comments on “A Berry Season To You!

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    They should have both a “like” and a “love” button because I love this watercolor. I wish I could click your “like” button more than once because this painting speaks to me and I would love to have it (or a print) in my home. Do you sell your work?

    • Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

      I just noticed that you have an etsy shop! You need to make that a bit more prominent so it’s not overlooked.

      • hi! given a recent positive response to this kind of painting, i am considering offering them. would a print be of interest? i have a few that i’ve given as gifts, but i could make prints of them!

      • Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

        definitely if the price is in my budget.

      • $35.00, will fit within a 5X5 matt, many available at Michael’s. i can paint one tonight! i have a lovely cluster of berries and leaves!

      • Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

        Thanks. (H2 doesn’t like me to spend money, but if I scrimp on groceries, he’ll never know. hehehehe) Besides, I only put things in my house that “resonate” with me, and this lovely watercolor did that. I’ll be proud to display it. Where do I send payment?

      • oh dear, i was unclear. this watercolor is not available. i could paint a new one of something similar. you could send me a favorite plant, or i could choose one. i am thrilled that this watercolor resonated with you! i love painting them!

      • Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

        Now that I know you’re on Etsy, I’ll check periodically to see if you have anything else I like. Thanks!

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