Ukulele Love and a Toy Stove

[click here ☝ , it’s a movie)(give it 5 seconds to start)(thanks)
Same thing as before with all 5 sections: For yourself, For a loved one, For a neutral person, For a difficult person, For all creatures everywhere including yourself.

6 comments on “Ukulele Love and a Toy Stove

  1. utterly wonderful. sad and sweet touching deep notes of longing…

    • thank you! i was about to post just the song, but then had the idea for the little movie. i guess i have to trust you that the movie part was not completely too silly.
      so you are on your blog! how is it doing?

  2. 2Spools says:

    I just adore pieces like this. Hooray for you!

  3. redmitten says:

    i LOVE LOVE this, mm!!! oh yeah. every time the doors opened i burst. the toaster in the over, the knight, silver, on his modern steed, the mechanical ball beater woman….love this! thank you for resetting everything.

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