How To Burn 100 Notebooks


Start with one   Open it    lie it down
on a burning Duraflame log   Blackening
Curling   until it puffs

out into a Martha Stewart decorative crepe paper
ball I’m not kidding      it looks exactly like that
am I right and turns into a pink rose

thin layers of    baklava how can it burn for
so long     Add
more books       100 is a lot  
The heat scares

you     Oh how you once loved 
your story    Some pages
fall away red burn lines creeping soft    Cotton

They’re persistent suckers though       how can it
take this long     Plan
on at least a day     or find a furnace    

incinerator       beach bonfire      
something BIG     if you wanna get outta
there before you change your mind

5 comments on “How To Burn 100 Notebooks

  1. indytony says:

    Oh my, this looks serious. If you are describing reality, I pray you are doing okay. Memories can be painful things, but losing them can be even more painful.

  2. redmitten says:

    confetti parade! dancing for you here. memories can paint us into a corner. glad to see you do this!

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