What I Find in 90% of Men’s Dating Website Profiles

“I like to cuddle.”
“I like snuggling.”
“I like all music except rap.”

Turns out snuggling and cuddling are code words for horny. But they don’t even know they’re telling the truth by using “cuddle” or “snuggle.”

The rap reference I don’t understand, really, it’s just seems plain old stupid. Can’t they find something more interesting to say? And why do so many of them say this? Really, I am clueless on this one.

And then there are the guys who put up photos of themselves holding a dead fish. And they are usually the same guys who put up photos of themselves on their motorcycle.

This might need to become condensed into an illustration.

Just sayin’ … Kinda sick of the whole thing

9 comments on “What I Find in 90% of Men’s Dating Website Profiles

  1. Katy Taylor says:

    would love to see a painting!

    • katy, hi! i think it would need to be 4 “boxes” showing each kind of guy. is it too mean? i don’t want to be mean, just funny. one guy just told me what all the women say, so maybe i could illustrate both!

  2. Chin Up, Chest High! says:

    I hear you on hearing the same old, same old. I’m a male, so I don’t look at male profiles obviously. Thankfully none of those things are in my profile even though I am affectionate and hate rap!

    Women can be just as bad. Here are the three msot common I’ve come across:

    ‘I’m easy going’ – assuming every other woman is highly strung?
    ‘I like going out and staying in’ – There are no other options… are there? What other choices are there to a night in or a night out?
    ‘Ask me!’ errr no. Laziness is not an excuse. There are a hundred other profiles I might look at today and the fact that yours is practically empty does not inspire me to waste my time on you.

    • ha! you really made me laugh!
      well, we all say we are easy going, right?
      and yeah, the going out/staying in. whatever…
      and hey, men do the “ask me” thing too.

      it’s hell out there, eh?

      • Chin Up, Chest High! says:

        It is. My eyes glaze over at times… it’s not fun. Oh, and I don’t think this is a problem so much with men’s profiles (or perhaps it is specific to women in my age range 30-40) but many women have a tendency to post photographs of themselves with other people’s babies…

        Is there anything that screams “I’m desperate to get pregnant” more than than that do you think?

      • oh you are so right! and… you are very funny! i’m 58 so i’m looking at a different demogearphic. tell me more so i can do 2 cartoons, one about men’s rofiles, and one about women’s. plz!

      • Chin Up, Chest High! says:

        Glad I could make you laugh! Well, I have discussed some of my own dating site frustrations on my own blog.

        And here

  3. Meg says:

    Usually that fish is actually alive. Fish aren’t dead until they’re gutted. Just makes it so much worse, doesn’t it?

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