2 comments on “The Path, Nat’l Geo Series

  1. I’m in love with these watercolor creations!

  2. dear friend! i want to make it clear to you that i am making this work look like watercolor and i’m painting as if it is watercolor, but it is NOT! i am altering old national geographic photos. i have my standards, it’s not copying. every single one i post is very very different from the original photo, so i do feel i’ve made each one my own.

    for me to paint a watercolor this complex, as complex as todays’ post, it would take me days and days. and i probably wouldn’t have the patience for so many details as you see here. i mean, i am not without skill as a painter, but since you are so thoroughly enthusiastic and leave me such lovely messages, i wanted you to really understand!

    i love them too! every time one turns out in a way that pleases me, i am thrilled!

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