5 comments on “Woman With Parrot 2

  1. what techniques do you use because you have quite a magnificent collection to publish!

    • i LOVE you!
      i use citrasolv to alter NG old photos, i pray for happy accidents, i’ve developed ways of handling the brush, waiting the right amount of time to go back into the painting, what parts of the picture to start with, things like that. then i enhance the paintings in iphoto, then i will eventually have them printed onto canvas. that’s my plan. i’ve put a couple onto canvas and they look awesome. i don’t think anyone else is doing this technique. i find it exciting! i’ve just settled on creating a collection of women with pets, so that will take a long time.

  2. wow, thanks.
    I do, by the way, have my standards. for example, i never use a photo that is already enhanced or has special effects. i try to be very fair and if my work does not change a photo significantly then i just don’t use it. i need to feel like the work is mine, you know? also, i’ve discovered that only the magazines from the late 60s to early 80s work for this project – the older ones and the newer ones use some kind of different inks.
    thank you. very nice way to start my day.

  3. ps. i’m considering changing my current search for women with pets – because they are few and far between – to include women with babies. what do you think of that idea?

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