How About the Scamp?

HP Slide 01

You can buy USED Scamps, sooooo much cheaper than the Ponderosa Little Joe. So I probably should go with a Scamp, which is cute and just as good.

I’m in a snit about the whole thing, though. Which voice do I believe?
“Do this and you will have a blast!”
“You can only do this is you will create brilliant art and poetry and sketches and songs”

3 comments on “How About the Scamp?

  1. Cheryl Smith says:

    Listen to the voice that makes you feel good! you can find lots of great deals on used campers. Do some research online and go see some in person. Sounds like the travel bug is biting you!!

  2. I’d go with it! My next Anne Marrow! Do it hon! But you better stay in touch with me! 🙂

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