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  1. sharon.kelly.12382@facebook.com says:

    Lovely painting !

  2. katytaylor says:

    mary, this is incredibly gorgeous! love the softness and the invitation through the beauty into the cottage…

  3. Sweet friend ~Are you considering of making a book out of your brilliant art? Are any purchasable dear?

    • well, now….. interesting question. the two most recent are not for sale, and they were painted quite a long time ago. my national geographic paintings are indeed for sale. thing is, i find that most artists don’t quite approve of them. it seems that most artists don’t see how I alter those photos to be genuine art. so, i find that reaction intimidating.

      you do understand that all of those are not regular paintings, right? all i do is use liquid products to mess up the photos, and push the ink around until i like the way it looks, right? so maybe most artists are right, maybe it’s just a gimmick that is not “real” art. i just don’t know. i’ve loved doing them, but as you may i have noticed i’ve slowed down. i’ve been concentrating more on music lately, but that never gets much attention on a blog, so i don’t post many songs any more.

      so what do you think? what’s your reaction to my reaction?!

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