2 comments on “Tavern

  1. Mary! You’ve chosen of my favorite poetess and poem! This is marvelous ! You’re simply too gifted! I love you ! How are you feeling these days? I’ve got bronchitis & an eye infection so, it’s been rough but, I’m getting better. I listen to our lullaby everyday ~ we 3 do! We truly appreciate and cherish you ! We are getting a special something for your bracelet too! Stay in touch neighbor 🙂 Debbie xo

  2. Hi Debbie!
    I’m so sorry about your health, you need hugs!
    Our lullaby is really something special, it was such an honor to work with you – your words really inspired me!
    So glad you like Tavern… Isn’t Millay wonderful?
    I’m doing okay, but I think I may have broken a bone in my foot last night so I’m going to urgent care today to get it looked at. ow!
    love, mary

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