Mini Box Dulcimer

by Goschenhobel

Two children’s songs played in noter-drone style on a slim, short scale box dulcimer made by Goschenhobel in about 5 hours.

The facts: poplar plywood top and (double) back, strips of oak for the sides and beech blocks (for the string nails and the zither pins) on the left and right.
Length 60 cm (24″), width 20 cm (8″), height 3,7 cm (1 1/2″); scale length 54 cm (about 21 1/2″). Three strings (0.12, 0.16, 0.24) tuned to Gdg.

2 comments on “Mini Box Dulcimer

  1. this is amazing Mary! I’m floored! Who are your wonderful friends !? too beautiful ! That faster rhythm one makes my feet want to clap! Xo

  2. oh you and your clapping feet!!!!!!! these are friends from Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer, a website i frequent. oxoxoxo

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