You Are Always Awake Even If You Don’t Know It

jessica's son

A brilliant great-nephew’s recent homework: “You are always awake even if you don’t know it. I felt a lot in 60 seconds. I felt tingling like nerves bumping me. I saw stars. Light was still in, which caused shapes. My stomach tightened, because the diaphram moved down. I also felt my blood rushing.”

The Vacuum Cleaner Song

A one minute song – go ahead and watch!

I know you sing a lot of songs all day long
but you’ve never sung along with the vacuum cleaner song.
Listen to this, this one you shouldn’t miss
It’s our own little vacuum cleaner song song song.

Here’s the good news – it’s easy to use.
Just flip a little switch and it’s vroom vroom vroom!
It picks up dirt and dust and it’s better than a broom
Now you have a clean living room room room.

That was our song, it wasn’t very long
sing along with the vacuum cleaner song song song!

– by Andrea Loftus & Mary MacGowan (Singamajig!)