Year of Mindfulness #3: Blueberries and Mint

(It’s a 23 second song)

Blueberries and mint
Blueberries and mint
Mint and blueberries
Blueberries and mint

This is it, folks. Blueberries. Mint. They’re growing on my beach. I could fight against them, pull them out and clear them away. Or I can celebrate their solid being-ness.

I wrote this song to remind myself to keep to the basics. No sense in trying to be something I’m not. All I can do is be me. Blueberries can only be blueberries. Mint can only be mint. You can only be you. I can only be me. So natural it almost seems silly to write it out! But we humans are pretty good at NOT being ourselves.  Or is it only me?

– song and photo by mary macgowan
– blueberries and mint from mary’s property

(In)Constant Ocean

Really, this is a good song, have a listen…

(In)Constant Ocean

The constellations fade and sigh
the trucks roll long and gray
like noisy children playing hide and seek
they pass, retreat,
pass, retreat…
one more time, those trucks fall behind

So many times I’ve gone this road
Orion swings now to the west
but we’re all mixed up
Are we there? Almost.
I lay down my head on a pile of old coats
and pretend I’m asleep in the old rowboat.

Stillness before all motion
in my midnight deep (in)constant ocean.

And sisters sang the old fight song
A while back there had some rain
With mom and dad
in the front I had
this funny feeling that I’d never left home
and I sat down later and wrote down this poem.

Stillness before all motion
in my midnight deep (in)constant ocean.

Cry For You House

Cry For You is one of my songs…Click on Play – above

She sighs.This might be the saddest
house in the world.

He sees her: a cloudy wind drifter on high.
He says, I don’t know how you got to such a leave-you place.
She leans back on the bed. Saddest song, too.

yes, beauty in the decay
yes, photo and song and poem by mary macgowan

Morning Glory

Oh go ahead, click on “play,” you know you want to . . . and it’s worth it just to hear the legendary Jerry Friedman play his heartbreakingly beautiful lead guitar. This might have been his last studio gig. His playing made me cry . . .

Yes, this is me, and one of the songs, Morning Glory, from my CD, Morning Glory.
Not to brag, but I love this song, I just do.

One Ring Ring-a-Ling

Instructions for use of telephone:

First you hold the telephone
then you hear the dial tone
Dial the number of your friend
She will answer if she’s in

One ring ring-a-ling
Two rings ring-a-ling-a-ling
Three rings ring-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling
Soon your friend will say hello (hello?)

Say hello and say your name (Hello, This is Andrea)
and your friend will do the same (Hi Andrea, this is Mary)
Ask her if she wants to play (Can you play today?)
Maybe she will say okay (I’d love to!)

One ring….etc
Now it’s time to say goodbye

Tell your friend you’ll see her soon
You can play all afternoon
Say goodbye and she will too
That is all you have to do (doo wah dah)

One ring…etc
This is the end of the telephone song, the telephone song.

disaster and bars

disaster bars 2
(must click twice to hear song)

(and my apologies – first post the song attachment didn’t work)

water drips down on graffiti walls
brick and mortar and painted plaster
and walking overhead on your bridge of stars
you hear voices drunk on disaster//on disaster and bars

sizzling in the river // you hear the moon whisper
and still up there on your bridge of stars
voices laugh and drink faster // you hear disaster and bars
you make a bed with your Goodwill coats -so what? who cares?
nobody takin your biography notes

sure, there’s someone out there
and maybe you could ask her, you could ask her
but all those people up there on your bridge of stars
walking home plastered//all you hear is disaster and bars

up there on your bridge of stars
under your sizzling moon
your time will come soon
under your own bridge of stars
it’s all disaster and bars
all disaster and bars

Oil painting and song by Mary MacGowan

The Vacuum Cleaner Song

A one minute song – go ahead and watch!

I know you sing a lot of songs all day long
but you’ve never sung along with the vacuum cleaner song.
Listen to this, this one you shouldn’t miss
It’s our own little vacuum cleaner song song song.

Here’s the good news – it’s easy to use.
Just flip a little switch and it’s vroom vroom vroom!
It picks up dirt and dust and it’s better than a broom
Now you have a clean living room room room.

That was our song, it wasn’t very long
sing along with the vacuum cleaner song song song!

– by Andrea Loftus & Mary MacGowan (Singamajig!)

More clear blue skies


Last night I posted my song “Clear Blue Sky.”  At the time, I didn’t connect it to the day I had just spent with Bob.  An unseasonably light-filled and warm day, we walked bare foot on the sandy beach. Bob picked mint leaves for me and crumpled them slightly – held them out for me to smell.  So tender and minty fresh.  We drank Chardonnay.  We kissed.  And laughed.  A lot.

We acted out the whole song, except for the rain falling from a clear blue sky. [That part happened once when I was alone. It rained for a couple of minutes from what was apparently a perfectly blue sky.]  

Bob and I also watched 5 deer run across the ice-covered lake, past the island, hurrying toward the far shore. And 2 ice fisherman who weren’t afraid, as we were, of falling through the ice.  

We watched the sun sink low like blueberry plants with red leaves.

Clear Blue Sky was fiction.  Bob and I made it true.

I’m holding onto this one.  Tomorrow: a painting of the wintergreen mint.

Once I saw a flock of ducks sitting in a large field in V formation. Not eating, not quacking.  Resting.  Resting.  Sometimes we all need to rest in a field, doing nothing.  [No sleeping in blueberries though!]

Clear Blue Sky

☝PLEASE PRESS PLAY☝ (you can adjust volume, too)

Gave myself a birthday gift: Now I can put my songs up on Plucky Umbrella… ♥




Clear Blue  Sky

Barefoot we break off leaves of mint
soft and sweet they smell like heaven scent
and when we kiss and sigh
it’s love falling from a clear blue sky

Oh we laugh, and sip our Chardonnay
the sun so bright it’s hard to say
just why a rain dropped by
and fell down from a clear blue sky.

And here’s to you, my true (blue) eyed love
and here’s to mystery from up above
and here’s to the fall
that started it all

They say it happens but it’s rare
a cloud so small it’s barely there
and then with a gentle sigh
there’s love falling from a clear blue sky.
– Mary MacGowan