9 comments on “Not Enough Being

  1. Katy Taylor says:

    start with who you are when you’re with youself and bring her with you! enjoy, too!

  2. Aaron the Ogre says:

    I like the treatment of the watercolor; it looks faded, even then personality is streaming through. Excellent job.

  3. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    The most difficult thing to do – to be authentic when with someone you want to impress. Be yourself. That’s something you can sustain over a long period of time. The other? Not so much.

  4. Peb says:

    Nice job, my creative friend.

    I know this man that you just have to meet, that is….to be yourself with. He likes to dance. The classical music dance.

    Just don’t know … the how ifs, its’ a good thing, he has never been on the dating pages ?


  5. redmitten says:

    you are AMAZING!!! i am back here catching up. had lost your link and duh it took until now to figure out where i can easily find it. (hellllooo). mary, this stuff RAWKS!

    ok…whew. done with the rave. love the cool boots. love love your grasp and take. i am adding you to my links so i never lose this again.


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