White Tee

Beauty in the Decay Series #15

This is an old dock in an area where the lake has dried up. Photo taken from my rowboat in shallow water . . .

White Tee

Today’s wind rushes
at my white tee
and cut-offs
on the clothesline.
A wild mare
comes alive inside them.
They billow
around her lean muscles
as she rears up,
trying to escape.

The Beauty in the Decay Series
is attentive to the intersection of nature with human-built things;
how nature will have its way.
The captivating presence of the process.

photo and poem by mary macgowan. the poem was published in a previous version in Assisi, 2011.

2 comments on “White Tee

  1. Love your poem. The wild mare is a particularly strong image.

    • thank you so much. i’ve been tweaking that poem for a long time, and just nailed it tonight. you don’t think “wild mare” is too cliche?
      nice meeting you, btw, mary

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