Please….help Mildred and Mabel

I thought they were girls but it turns out they are boys! Now they need new names. I will consider all suggestions.  

Their wee personalities: Mabel likes to ring the shiny bell much of the day, and sometimes aggressively grooms Mildred who does not appreciate it. Mildred likes to eat and sit quietly. They each sleep on her(his) own trapeze.

On behalf of my gender-confused parakeets, I thank you.

11 comments on “Please….help Mildred and Mabel

  1. Aaron the Ogre says:

    How about dropping the Ms: Red and Bell?

  2. t33ndr3am says:

    Haha I love this!

  3. Cindy C says:

    We had a second cat join us years ago, and as the first one was named piccolo and we’d been assured by my husband’s rancher aunt that this was also a female we named her Clare, short for clarinet. After taking her in to get “fixed” the vet called and said “Clare is fine but she’s going to need a name change because she’s a he!” so my son won out and Clare became “Sport”!

  4. Daniel Proudfoot says:

    I think Mildred already has an alternate name for Mabel given their short bio and the visual

  5. cindy c, how did “clare” become “sport?” cute tho!
    daniel, i can guess which name you mean – you are too funny!
    thx T33

  6. Bell ringer…Quasimoto…
    Food and Rest…I’d stick with Mr. Mildred

    I love birds….

  7. Susan says:

    Wanted to offer names but can’t beat Red and Bel… They are perfect names!!

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