disaster and bars

disaster bars 2
(must click twice to hear song)

(and my apologies – first post the song attachment didn’t work)

water drips down on graffiti walls
brick and mortar and painted plaster
and walking overhead on your bridge of stars
you hear voices drunk on disaster//on disaster and bars

sizzling in the river // you hear the moon whisper
and still up there on your bridge of stars
voices laugh and drink faster // you hear disaster and bars
you make a bed with your Goodwill coats -so what? who cares?
nobody takin your biography notes

sure, there’s someone out there
and maybe you could ask her, you could ask her
but all those people up there on your bridge of stars
walking home plastered//all you hear is disaster and bars

up there on your bridge of stars
under your sizzling moon
your time will come soon
under your own bridge of stars
it’s all disaster and bars
all disaster and bars

Oil painting and song by Mary MacGowan

10 comments on “disaster and bars

  1. Aaron the Ogre says:

    Mary, I enjoyed your song, the lyrics and oil work very much. Tying them together as one piece is amazing. I am quite impressed. Thank you for posting all three of them.

    • ogre, you know how highly i value your work, so please know how highly i value this comment. i work hard to bring pieces together, it feels so good for that to be acknowledged and appreciated.

  2. Lifestyles says:

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    Have a great day.

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  3. You are so incredibly talented. I love your beautiful art and poetry! Please God – let me be talented like Mary! And in the meantime, please keep sending amazing inspiration her way because her art and words inspire me! Thanks so so much Mary. Absolutely lovely. 🙂

  4. redmitten says:

    you’ve got to be tired of my high regard remarks about everything you do, but now, this artwork! (and the oil previously)- love the leaps.

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