One Trailer, One Woman

Why am I writing a blog post about this little sweetheart of a trailer?

Compact lightweight luxury travel camper trailer for two - more features than the standard Little Joe Model

Pull lightweight Ponderosa Little Joe camper with your small car, jeep or pickup with ease

Ponderosa seating allows room to relax and enjoy the living space

Luxury elevated bed for two - more comfort in a small environmentSmall Toilet gives Ponderosa owners true convenience while traveling

Ponderosa includes an ingenious sink/stove combinationRefrigerator makes Ponderosa just like home - Convenience and Luxury in a small space

Because an American journey might be in my future, January – February – March 2014. Just about the time I start to go slightly batty in all the snow we get here in the northern woods.

It might be the kinda thing you have to just do, without asking one’s self too many questions. Such as, Am I Nuts? Or, What if I hate it?

It might be the coolest thing to do for a woman about to turn 60 in March…?

Introducing the Ponderosa Little Joe. Air conditioning, mini kitchen, mini sleeping, mini toilet, mini shower, mini icebox.

I can picture where my ukulele would go, my National Geo painting supplies, my watercolors.  My two dogs, even.

I find the sense of containment to be very appealing.

20 comments on “One Trailer, One Woman

  1. Well I think it is an exciting journey. When I did my travels in 1979 – I headed south after the worst of the May tornado season. Now it seems to go on longer. With that in mind, try to avoid hurricanes, forest fire season, and flooding, I would take this year to note all the best times to be places ~ Just saying. Luckily the US has many states and weather. You can visit Canada too – not too far away and in some ways just as nice. 🙂 My parents had friends who sold their home in Georgia and traveled for years around the US & came to visit us, with their airstream riding behind their big car. They loved it and the large community of like minded people they met.

    • hi, thanks for your response! do you think a woman can travel like this alone? even carrying big propane tanks can be challenging, you know? i want something that will be easy and fun and maybe cute, too. any ideas?

  2. Wow, sounds like an adventure to me. And I agree with you on the space. I prefer tight spaces.

  3. Patt says:

    Okay…so where did you get this idea???? FreeRange Artist wants to know all the detailllsssslllllll ASAP

  4. Go for it! Anne Marrow Lindberg would’ve done it!

    • really? do you think so? i have this add-on idea that i’d paint watercolors along the way and blog about it as i go.

      • Yes! Reread Gifts of the Sea!

      • yeah. she was brave.
        i’m all tied up on knots thinking i’m not a good enough artist to do what i would want to do. what is with me?! i could end up writing, drawing, painting or – ha! – just enjoying. i can be such a basket case.

      • what are you saying girl! Yes you ARE! Don’t U dare allow to believe those falsehoods! You’re no basket case! You’re full of new desires and ideas and needs, now fill up, take your self and breathe new joys! Paint, write and dream ! My friend ~we don’t live to have regrets, right? Go find your horizon as Anne! You won’t believe who you ARE already !

      • i have to untie some of those knots inside of me before i consider doing this thing. and i need to stop thinking of it as a one-time thing! knots come undone please!

  5. Cheryl Smith says:

    We live in a 40 ft motor home. Much more spacious than what you are anticipating, moved up from a 35 ft class C toyhauler with a garage for the motorcycle. Either way we love heading south to better weather for the cold months. Then returning in spring to spend time in Mich with the grandkids. My retirement vision before I met my traveling partner was a Roadtrek (conversion van)-something I could drive, sleep in and be cozy and comfortable to visit my kids who are scattered across the country. Actually met a woman working at Habitat for Humanity in FL last winter who had something similar. She loved it. there are so many nice people who are traveling, both young and old, tho we see more grey hair. It is a fun way to see some sights, meet nice people, maybe do a little volunteer work, and visit family who live far away. There are lots of resources available for finding cheap places to stay, blogs, boondocking, etc. email me if you want more info. We think of ourselves as gypsies! Cheryl

    • gypsies!!! love that!
      i’ve always been such a homebody, so this is a new idea for me. but the thing is, i’d be carrying my home with me, so i would still, technically, be a homebody!

  6. cheryl, awesome. what’s boondocking?

  7. Cheryl Smith says:

    boondocking= staying in your rv, motorhome, camper, in a place where there are no hook-ups, (electric, water, sewer). Not a regular campground, but usually BLM land (Bureau of Land Managment) or state land where you can just pull off and camp where you want. Sometimes you need a permit, but there are lots of places where you can do this, mostly out west. One blog I really like is Wheeling It.
    They travel in a 40 ft motorhome with pets. Go to some very interesting places.
    Lots of info out there. Try or IRV2. if you want to travel or just escape the cold. We are happy living in our house on wheels! There is a couple who travel down from Canada in the winter who publish some camping guides. They travel in a Roadtrek 6 months out of the year and work in Canada the other 6 months. Almost never pay for a camping spot.
    Find your bliss! Happy travels! Cheryl

  8. Cheryl Smith says:

    one guys description of boondocking! We plan to do it a lot next fall and winter out in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah.

  9. Cheryl Smith says:

    Glad to see that this may be something you will try. It is a joyful way to travel! You always have a clean bed and a private bathroom!! I LOVE the out of the way places and plan to see lots more! I think the sixties are best for me. Free from things that held me down, finally figured out what I want, and found a great guy to share life with. Who could ask for more?

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