“Jane” waits for the right time & a question about photo enhancements

It’s simple. I’ve decided to post an entire chapter of “Jane” once each month, not in these small installments. First one will be very soon.

Meanwhile . . . questions! Here’s one of my first National Geographic photos I altered and painted. The 1st version is “unenhanced”  by iPhoto, the 2nd version is enhanced.





And here are 2 more examples, the 2st one “unenhanced” and the 2nd one enhanced:

1st version, "unenhanced"

1st version, “unenhanced”


2nd version, enhanced

Mostly I’ve been posting enhanced photos on this blog… But now I would love some feedback. Which do you prefer? And if you prefer the enhanced versions, then how do I package them to exhibit?

7 comments on ““Jane” waits for the right time & a question about photo enhancements

  1. They both provoke different emotions ~ The unenhanced opens a closer look… an enhanced look wipes off cobwebs ~ What are you seeking for in your story?

  2. so true.
    i find myself preferring the unenhanced. but perhaps part of the issue is my amateur photographs of the paintings, you know?

  3. seascapesaus says:

    I prefer the enhanced versions, particularly the second one with all the people.

    • see? this is good feedback!
      i go one way then the other. if i keep them enhanced, then when i eventually want to sell them, they will have to be prints. but i guess that’s no big deal, right?
      it’s all part of the creative process…

      • seascapesaus says:

        I see! It sounds as though you are developing series 1 and 2; evolutionary studies. keep it up Mary! Do you follow Canadian Art Junkie? I think that’s where I saw something similar to your work just this week (using family snapshots) – take a sneak peek.

  4. redmitten says:

    a late vote for unenhanced, but that may be because i grew weary of enhancements just the other day. that said, the enhanced of the second shot is gorgeous. but i go by my physical reaction, not what my eyeballs like. so: unenhanced. originals.

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